ADHD Apps & Tools

Post-Its, Timers, iPhone Reminders, and Other Life-Saving Tools

From smartphone apps to good old-fashioned pen and paper, ADDitude readers recommend the tools that best help them stay organized and on top of ADHD symptoms.

A man uses a laptop as a tested ADHD organizational tool.
A man uses a laptop and smiles at the camera
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Tried and Tested ADHD Tools

We asked you what ADHD organization tools help you best manage your adult ADHD. Here are the apps, tricks, and old-fashioned supplies that help keep you organized, focused, and ready to take on the world.

A driver uses their cell phone as an ADHD organizational tool while driving
man using phone while driving the car
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iPhone Location Reminder

"I use my iPhone reminders app 'Location Reminder' feature. This app will remind me to do certain things when I leave places or when I arrive home. When I have to do something when I get home, this feature reminds me right when I pull in the driveway!" –Eric Darling

A man writes notes on post-its, using them as an ADHD organizational tool
Businessman Writing on Sticky Notes
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Post-Its Everywhere

"I write everything I need to do each day on a small Post-It note and stick it on the wall. When I complete a task, I take down the Post-It and throw it away." –Molly MacFarland

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A woman looking up ADHD organizational tools on her laptop computer
Bored businesswoman using laptop computer
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"I love the Leechblock add-on to Firefox. It reliably keeps me from getting sucked into the Internet (especially Facebook). I set it to allow me only 10 minutes each hour and when that time is up it blocks the page and I can move along to the rest of my life!" –Laura Werezak

A woman closes her eyes to rest them, a tool that can help people with ADHD stay focused and organized
Woman closing her eyes while at her computer
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"EyeLeo — reminds me in a nice way to move and take breaks when I'm working on coding." –Hglaser

EyeLeo can give your eyes a rest when your hyperfocus takes over! A simple PC application that reminds you to regularly take breaks from the computer to rest your eyes, it will help you avoid eye strain and headaches from staring at a screen for too long.

A clock above the bathroom sink, an example of an ADHD organizational tool
Green bathroom sink with clock
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Keep Track of Bathroom Time

"What works best for us is to have a large, easy to read, waterproof clock in the bathroom. That seems to be the one place where every person in our household 'slows down' — taking twice as long to dress, groom, etc. as we have available if we are going to get to wherever we are going on time." –Bonnie

A green highlighter coloring in the word "Hope" in a dictionary. Hope can be a positive ADHD organizational tool.
The word Hope highlighted in green
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Thoughtback App

"My wife introduced me to Thoughtback which will send me random positive messages." –Jesse Dover

ADHD symptoms can sometimes get us down. When life seems extra difficult, Thoughtback helps you stay focused on what's important. Just plug in something you want to remind yourself of regularly — a positive message, your dream for the future, or anything you want — and the app will remind you of it randomly to give your day a boost.

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A circle of colored markers often used as ADHD organizational tools
Colored markers in a circle
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Color Coded Focus

"As a teacher and one with ADHD, using colored markers almost always helps me maintain focus." –Lori

An online calendar, a common ADHD organizational tool
Calendar, computer screen
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Google Calendar

"Google Calendar — if it’s not on the Google Calendar, it’s not happening. Easy to sync other calendars to it as well, so nothing is missed and it is all in one place." –Suzanne Johnson

A teacher working with her students, some of who have ADHD, on utilizing organizational tools
Female teacher showing book to children (5-7) in class
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Beep Beep

"As an educator I find interval beep recordings helpful. The students and I hear a simple beep every few minutes. When the beep goes off we must ask ourselves if we are on task or not." –Katie

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