The 2017 ADHD Gift Guide Featuring ADDitude’s Sponsors

There is no greater gift than the gift of organization. Or calm. Or focus. These gift ideas — all from ADDitude’s sponsors — aim to deliver real benefits to children and adults with ADHD. Browse for your own wish list or for someone you love, and take advantage of special offers as well.

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Varier seats for fidgety kids with ADHD
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Varier Active Seating

$399 - $499
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Movement throughout the day should be celebrated. Not only is frequent movement vital to a long healthy life, it is also essential for focused learning. In fact, according to John Wilson, executive director of SOAR Academy, "Using active seating like the Move™ has allowed our students to be more present in class." Encourage healthy habits. Encourage active seating. Give your child the gift of movement this holiday season.

ADHD Gift Guide: Week Date Calendar
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WeekDate Weekly Planner

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What if you could write your repeating events only once? Balancing the phone between your ear and shoulder... trying to do a million things... suddenly the voice on the phone tells you that your monthly book club or weekly status meeting has been moved to another day of the month or week. While some scramble to remember the change, the smart person has a WeekDate calendar, which makes the change once and Voilà! – done for the year. Now, you’re that smart person. Welcome to WeekDate.

ADHD Gift Guide: Weighted Blanket Wrap
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Mosaic Weighted Blankets Shoulder Wraps

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Mosaic Weighted Blankets' super soft shoulder wraps offer soothing gentle pressure and can be heated in the dryer for warmth after a long day. Poly pellets provide Deep Pressure Touch that can soothe tired muscles. Minky shoulder wraps (3 lbs) can help calm anxiety while working or doing homework, and can be used as a lap pad. Color choices include ocean blue, pink, and dark purple. Great stocking stuffer!

Habyts service for monitoring and limiting screen time
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Habyts® - Easier Screen Time, Homework, and Habits for Life

Starting at $3.99/month
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Are you buying your child the latest smartphone or tablet, but worried that screen time will take over? Then don’t forget Habyts® — the gift to your kids (and yourself) that will last a lifetime! Habyts® is the easy-to-use app that helps families manage screen time, eliminate homework distractions, and motivate kids with ADHD to get off their iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Make screen time squabbles a thing of the past and start building good digital habits today with Habyts®!

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SensaSoft™ Pocket Seat

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Is it possible to blow off excess energy – while seated? Yes! Kids can develop a tolerance for sitting if it’s snug, comfy and engaging, all at the same time. The secret of the SensaSoft Pocket Chair lies in the deep pockets, where restless hands can fidget and de-stress without disrupting others. Each pocket is roomy enough to hold a favorite fidget for tactile input. This unique design, made with European craftsmanship, is offered only by Fun and Function. Soothing turquoise color, highly durable, and easy to clean, too.

ADHD Gift Guide: Focus@Will Music
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Less than $7.50/month (25% off regular price for ADDItude readers!)
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Recommended by Dr. Ned Hallowell, Focus@Will is scientifically engineered to determine and play the specific type of music that puts your brain into a “flow state” making you hyper-focused and exponentially more productive. Everything is fighting for your attention: email, social media, texts, coworkers, deadlines, etc. Imagine turning them off and entering a flow state to get stuff done. Now you can!

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TouchPoints can improve attention span by over 50% in as few as 30 seconds. These wearable devices that are non-invasive, controlled by the user, and can be worn on the wrists or clipped to pockets or clothing. Utilizing a neuroscientific discovery made by Dr. Amy Serin, TouchPoints was initially used to alleviate stress. Research studies have shown that TouchPoints have a profound effect on individuals with ADHD, not only increasing engagement and attention span but also reducing hyperactivity.

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Play Attention

Prices vary
DEAL: Get 10% off your Play Attention system + 2 add-on games for FREE by calling our attention specialists at 800-766-6786 or by using this coupon code at checkout: AMHoliday

Play Attention is the world’s #1 neurocognitive program for strengthening executive functions. We use the most advanced technology available to help people develop the executive functions & self regulation they need to reach their full potential. But technology alone is not enough. The mind also grows with exercise, coaching/counseling, good nutrition, mindfulness, behavior shaping, and parent training. These are all components of the Play Attention system. Play Attention provides the most comprehensive packages, solutions, support systems, and technology available.

ADHD Gift Guide: Time Timer
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Time Timer

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Keep away stress during the busy holiday season with the Time Timer. Its visual countdown empowers adults & kids to have easier transitions and a grounded sense of time passing. Simply turn the disk to set up how much time you want, and, when the red is gone, time is up!

Yoga Anytime for an ADHD gift idea
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Yoga Anytime - Online Yoga Videos

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Yoga Anytime is the home of the Yoga Show, an immersive online yoga experience designed to deliver the yoga or meditation practice you need now. New shows, seasons, and episodes are released weekly. With more than 80 shows and 1,800 videos, Yoga Anytime is there for you anytime — accessible from your TV, tablet, computer, or smart phone.

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Mind Alive - DAVID ALERT

DEAL: With your order, receive a free copy of a "Heart Rate Variability Training" CD from the DAVID Meditative Breath System

The DAVID ALERT uses Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) to safely and effectively settle hyperactivity and improve concentration and attention. By flashing lights into the eyes and pulsing tones into the ears, this non-pharmaceutical technology can reduce ADD/ADHD symptoms in children and adults. We will include a free HRV CD with your purchase this holiday season.

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