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The ADHD Gift Guide from ADDitude’s Sponsors

Gift ideas don’t always come easy, which is why ADDitude has pulled together these inspired presents for the kids and adults with ADHD on your list. Browse for your own wish list or for someone you love, and take advantage of the special offers below.

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Mosaic weighted blanket
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Mosaic Weighted Blankets®

$19.95 - $129.95
DEAL: Get 15% off your order by using the discount code XMAS15

Colorful, Comfy and Consciously Made

Our weighted blankets, consciously made in the USA, have been a helpful tool for occupational therapists to treat ADD and ADHD. A weighted blanket provides a sense of deep pressure stimulation which helps alleviate hyperactivity.

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DEAL: Save $20 on the special package including an ADHD student planner and super-pack of behavior checklists, valued at $139.95! Plus free shipping.

Vibration Reminder Watch for Kids

Revibe Connect is a wearable, non-medication option to help kids focus. Automated vibration reminders increase your child's on-task behavior while learning at home or in the classroom. Parents can monitor progress on the connecting app!

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Time Timer

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Empowering Everyone to Conquer Time

The new Time Timer MOD® - Home Edition collection of visual timers provides this popular and proven ADHD tool in colors that can make anyone’s home more comfortable, relaxed, and uniquely theirs. Get their favorite today!

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Planner Pads

$30.49- $32.49
DEAL: Get 10% off site-wide by using this code on ADDITUDE10 (Expires December 31, 2020)

A Planning System That Works For Your ADHD Brain

Compared to ordinary calendars, planners, and other organizing systems, the Planner Pad® Organizer’s exclusive 3-tier design funnels your focus to reduce clutter, keep important tasks in front of you, eliminate constant anxiety. Manage your time to get more done.

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The Penalty Box

DEAL: Get $5 off your order by using the discount code SAVE5 (limit one per customer)

Get a Grip! Get Re-Set! Get Physical! Get Connected!

The Penalty Box is an innovative, hands-on parenting tool designed by a child psychologist to help families stay connected during turbulent times. When tempers flare, someone calls a "penalty," draws a card from the Penalty Box, and follows the instructions on the card. The cards include three categories of research-based anger management strategies — a fun, easy and effective way to redirect and de-escalate anger in the home.

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RE-Focus the Creative Office

$16.49 - $34.49
DEAL: Get 15% off your first order by using the discount code Focus15

RE-Focus the Creative Office

Remember to stop, take a moment & RE-Focus.
"Through the eyes of a child with ADHD…"
We create products that help you FOCUS:

  • Password books
  • Calendars and planners
  • Anxiety journals
  • To-do list legal pads
  • Pillboxes
  • And More!
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$39.99/month, gift cards available

Improving Your Relationship to Work

Caveday leads daily group focus sessions over Zoom. Their research-backed method uses body mirroring, mindfulness, and accountability to help workers stay focused for longer. Give the gift of productivity with a membership gift card.

Soft Glow Silent Timer & Light
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Soft Glow Silent Timer & Light


Realize True Potential, Practice Attention & Gain Confidence

The Soft Glow Silent Timer and Light is a peaceful approach to time management. It encourages independence and success in timed activities like schoolwork, reading, and chores. Two gifts in one — it also works as a nightlight!

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DEAL: Get a FREE Fidget Keeper keychain when you use the discount code ADD2020

Stressed & Bored at Home? Make Your Own Fidgets!

The DIY Fidget Kit, as seen on "Shark Tank," gives you the opportunity to design and create 5 of your very own Stephie & Noah Fidgets! Our Fidgets are small enough to put in your pocket and quiet enough to take anywhere. Plus, they will help you stay focused and stress less! Link to easy-to-follow printable and video instructions included. A great activity for the whole family!

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Make Remote Learning Better

See it 👀 Hear it 👂 Feel it 👆🏽
ADHD. Dyslexia. Autism. Early education. “Every child — with or without a learning difference — who is using a touchscreen device needs TacScreen.” This bumpy film screen completes the multi-sensory learning circle.

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Excellent Brain

DEAL: Get $20 off your order by using the discount code SAVE20

ADHD Neurofeedback Home Training Kit

Improve distance learning practices with this innovative training platform for children and young adults. Train your child's attention at home with this powerful neurofeedback training method. Start your personalized training program today!

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Play Attention

Cost varies
DEAL: Mention AMHoliday and receive $200 off, 1 FREE FOCUS Assessment, + 2 Add on games FREE.

Empower Your Mind

Play Attention is the most comprehensive, neuro-cognitive training program available for both children and adults designed to strengthen attention, executive function, and self-regulation. After determining your needs through a full consultation, we will customize a neurocognitive training program designed to turn your ADHD characteristics into your Superpowers!

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Kidiosity offers activities, ideas, conversation starters and inspiration for parents of growing children. Connect with your loved ones while you fill time with laughter, teachable moments, and lifelong memories. 


Deal / Discount:

  • Get a FREE month, then pay just $2 per month with an annual subscription!
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In2Great Me!

IN2GREAT ME! allows children to better understand their sensory experiences and develop their executive functioning skills. Have fun, move your body, explore your senses, and get creative!!

Enjoy 20% off now until December 31

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