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You’re Wasting Time. These Apps Can Help.

You know what needs to get done. But on the path from Point A to Point B, so many distractions and diversions slow you down it’s maddening. How can you more efficiently tackle each day’s to-do list? These mobile apps can help!

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Digital Help for the Easily Distracted

More motivation is not going to fix the problem. Neither is trying harder. If you have ADHD, your brain is wired to welcome (even seek out) the distractions that steer you away from important to-do list items. You end up putting off priorities or ignoring your emails in order to scan Facebook or watch a YouTube video, then you end up feeling stressed and guilty at the end of the day.

These 6 ADHD apps will help you eliminate time sucks, stay on top of your schedule, and remember everything you need to do with dynamic lists, reminders, and smart calendars. Read on, and start getting more done, now!

Task Timer is a great app to improve productivity for people with ADHD
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Task Timer

Are you time-blind? Do you invest hours in one not-so-critical task, only to shortchange the rest of the items in your daily workload? Task Timer may be your saving grace. It keeps you on track by showing time elapsed and time remaining. Include breaks and use the intermittent vibration reminder to help you stay on task.

Pocket is a great app to improve productivity for people with ADHD
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When you use the Internet for work, it's easy to see a catchy headline and fall down a rabbit hole of reading one article, then the next, and, before you know it, the day is gone. Instead, use Pocket to save that cute bunny video or sports recap until you have a scheduled break. Store links, videos, and more from your browser, twitter or Facebook feed to keep your day on track without missing out on something you want to see.

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Epic Win is a great app to improve productivity for people with ADHD
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Epic Win

Do you easily lose motivation to get through your agenda? Epic Win turns your daily slog into a game, with a character who earns rewards by ticking items off your to-do list. This immediate reward and fun stimulation might be just the boost you need to keep going. The more you get done, the more achievements you earn—perfect for anyone with a competitive streak.

Evernote is a great app to improve productivity for people with ADHD
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If losing track of reminders, resources, and important information is a problem, eliminate paper with Evernote. Everything is in one place, organized, and available through a simple search. Type in what you need and Evernote will find it for you. Store text, photos, and audio notes on your device of choice. Create "notebooks" and categorize notes for recipes, an upcoming vacation, product research, to-do lists, and so on.

Wunderlist is a great app to improve productivity for people with ADHD
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If thoughts fly out of your head before you have time to jot them down, Wunderlist is the app for you. It lets you easily add new tasks to your Today page, and then set due dates or reminders so you don't miss your deadline. Share your lists so that the whole family can add items to your grocery list, eliminating forgotten items. Don't have your phone handy? You can access your to-do list from your computer and tablet, too!

LastPass is a great app to improve productivity for people with ADHD
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Don't lose any more time writing down all your passwords—then searching for that paper or flipping through that notebook. Instead, download LastPass, an app that will store all of your usernames and passwords, and automatically fill in forms when you access a site.

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