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Sleep Struggles

After an early wake-up yesterday, Natalie was a wreck.

Natalie woke up at 4:30 a.m. yesterday. Since she started taking Clonidine at bedtime, she’s sleeping better overall. She’s only waking up in the middle of the night or early in the morning once every week or two, thank goodness, instead of several times a week.

This morning, in contrast, she just couldn’t wake up. My mom always said that a lack of sleep hits you hardest the second day, so that would make sense. But I don’t see how this evening could be much harder than last night was for Natalie. She was a wreck.

From the moment she came home from school I knew we were in for a not-so-fun night. She wouldn’t eat a snack. She tried demanding a friend to play with, but none of her friends were available. She hurled a toy camping lantern down on the garage floor, smashing it to pieces. She was C-R-A-B-B-Y. She got focused on saying she hated religious ed, and didn’t want to go, a whole day in advance (she goes this afternoon) and just wouldn’t drop it.

As bedtime neared, things only got worse. She could say that she was hungry, but seemed too tired even to eat. Don finally got her in the shower and then in bed — but not without a lot of screaming, struggling and crying.

She was a sweetie pie this morning; was in a good mood, but she just couldn’t wake up. I feel the same way — I slept all night, but woke up feeling like I’d been shorted by about four hours. This morning, even after two cups of coffee, I’m too tired to think. I can’t even tell if what I’m writing makes any sense!

Should be fun making Natalie go to religious ed after school; especially since it’s a beautiful, warm, sunny day, and she’ll want to play outside. I can hardly wait!

Natalie’s going to Aunt Ann’s house for respite this weekend. Wednesday (3); Thursday (2); Friday (1)…I’m starting my countdown to sleep.