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19 Great Self-Care and Sleep Apps for ADHD Brains

A great self-care or sleep app can unlock a new wellness habit for an adult with ADHD. Try out these favorites recommended by ADDitude readers testing and finding new solutions during the pandemic.

Woman sitting in yoga lotus pose. Modern cartoon female character doing asana and meditate. Night starry sky and moon in hair, space exploring, universal harmony. Vector flat illustration.
Woman sitting in yoga lotus pose. Modern cartoon female character doing asana and meditate. Night starry sky and moon in hair, space exploring, universal harmony. Vector flat illustration.

Self-Care and Sleep Apps for ADHD Brains

The following self-care, sleep, and meditation apps and web sites were recommended by ADDitude readers in an August 2020 survey on surviving the pandemic with an ADHD brain. Add your favorites in the comments section below!

Self-Care Apps for ADHD Brains

  • FabYOUlous: Purchase a customized online fitness program for $99 a year or sign up for a variety of virtual classes and a wellness consultation
  • Headspace: A free trial grants access to clinically validated mindfulness practices shown to increase happiness, as well as strategies for improving focus and creating the conditions for a restful night’s sleep
  • Feel Better in 5: This program from Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s book by the same title focuses on improving three pillars for daily wellness: mind, body, and heart
  • Whole Life Challenge: This 6-week challenge awards participants points for completing 7 daily habits for improved wellness: nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, well-being, reflection, Register for a specific challenge period or purchase a year-long membership for $99
  • Daylio: This free app connects your daily moods and activities to help you discover hidden patterns and create healthier habits

Sleep Apps for ADHD Brains

  • Fitbit premium: A 90-day free trial of personalized insights about your sleep and activities, powered by your Fitbit wearable, plus guided programs to help you get better rest
  • Sleep Cycle: Available for iPhone and Android, this free app tracks and analyzes your sleep cycles, waking you up during you’re lightest sleep phase so you’ll feel optimally rested
  • Sleep as Android: This sleep-cycle tracking app records snoring, heart rate, and other statistics to help you fall asleep quickly and wake you up at the optimal time; free trial available
  • Garmin: The Advanced Sleep Monitoring feature, compatible with specific versions of the Garmin watch, uses an optical heart rate sensor to track sleep patterns
  • Atmosphere: Binaural Therapy Meditation: Binaural beats, a form of soundwave therapy, are generated with this app to increase calm and focus; free trial available
  • Pillow: This free iPhone app allows you to explore personal trends, such as sleep apnea and sleep talking, and compare your sleep quality with 10 Apple Health metrics that affect sleep
  • Sanvello: Covered by some health plans, this app combines self-care with a daily mood tracker, peer support from chat groups, life coaching, and therapy with licensed clinicians; free trial available
  • SleepTown: For the price of $1.99, build steady and healthy sleep habits by waking up and creating a “building” that is destroyed if you fail to reach your goal

Guided Meditation Apps for ADHD Brains

  • Calm: With a free trial, you can try the top-rated app for guided meditation, which helps promote restful sleep by pairing relaxing music with scenic imagery
  • InsightTimer: This app offers a free library of mindfulness experts, curated music to help with sleep and relaxation, and free access to live-streamed yoga classes
  • Medito: Available on iOS and Android, this free app is designed for people who are new to meditation and includes courses for different levels of experience
  • Ten Percent Happier: This app includes access to experts teaching the basics of meditation and offers guided meditations to improve happiness and sleep and decrease stress; free trial available

Apps to Help ADHD Brains Fall Asleep

  • Rain Rain Sleep Sounds: This app offers more than 100 free, high-quality sounds to help you fall asleep, sooth anxiety, and increase focus
  • Relax Melodies: Choose from free guided medications, sounds, music, and bedtime stories to create your own playlist to promote relaxation
  • Sleep With Me podcast: This storytelling podcast caters to adults with sleep difficulties; subscribe for free access to past episodes

More Self-Care Apps for ADHD Brains

NOTE: Please note that all names, models, prices, links, and specifications were accurate and items were in stock at the time of this article’s last update on January 27, 2022.

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