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4 Get-to-Sleep Products for Restless Kids

When your child is wide awake but exhausted, try one of these four natural sleep aids reviewed by moms like you.

Mom-Approved ADHD Sleep Products for Children
Mom-Approved ADHD Sleep Products for Children

Twilight Turtle; $29.99
Reviewer: Jennifer, mom of Daniel, 7
Daniel needed something to distract him from tossing and turning in bed. The Twilight Turtle projects glowing stars around the room, which Daniel finds relaxing. He focuses on the ceiling of stars as he drifts off into dreamland. Now he doesn’t want to go to sleep without his mini-galaxy.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Tea

Celestial Seasonings; $3.49 for 20 bags; also available in many grocery stores
Reviewer: Dawn, mom of Julia, 11
We’ve tried other relaxation teas in the past that did nothing for Julia. But this one works! An hour before bedtime, Julia gets in bed with a mug of Sleepytime (with a little bit of honey) and a favorite book. The routine helps her fall asleep 90 percent of the time.

Badger Sleep Balm; $5.99 for .75 oz.
Reviewer: Priscilla, stepmom of Kyle, 7
Kyle had trouble falling asleep, and was a restless sleeper. Now when we rub a bit of Sleep Balm (it contains herbs, like lavender and rosemary) on his temples before bed, he sleeps calmly through the night.

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Wal-Mart; $3.50 to $9 for 120 tablets
Reviewer: Denise, mom of Noah, 10
I asked our pediatrician whether there was something non-prescription we could try to help Noah fall asleep. He suggested 3 mg. of melatonin. The first night Noah took it, he fell asleep in 45 minutes and woke up feeling great. It has made a huge difference in our lives.

Check with your pediatrician before using any supplements.

NOTE: This article was last updated in March 2017.