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Should He Stay Back?

“Our school wants my ADHD son to repeat the sixth grade, but I’m worried that this would damage his self-esteem. Should I let the school hold him back?”

A teenager getting things out of his locker to help him manage his behavior in the classroom
teen boy at locker

Because your son has ADHD, he’s eligible for classroom accommodations and support. Without these in place, there’s a good chance he would have the same difficulties the second time around.

By law, every U.S. public school must have a 504 coordinator. This person knows a lot about educational law, ADHD, and student rights. Right away, set up a meeting with the 504 coordinator, your son’s teacher, the principal, and anyone else involved with the decision. Don’t consent to holding your son back next year without first finding out what they’re committed to doing to make things better for him.

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