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Sending Thank-You Notes On Time

“Help! I have trouble getting my thank-you notes written and sent out on time, if at all.”

This is a problem for many adults with ADHD.

First of all, maintain a supply of thank-you notes, blank cards, and stamps. The next time you host a party that’s on the casual side, pass out envelopes and pens to all the guests and ask them to write down their addresses. This saves you from addressing all those envelopes and ensures that you have everyone’s current address.

We’d all like to write lovely, personal messages to each guest. But given the busy lives we lead, “Thanks so much for coming” or “Thank you for the lovely _” and a signature are really all it takes to show that you care.

When you are ready to write the notes, turn off the phone, put on some music, get comfortable, and go to it! Think about how good you feel when you receive a thank-you note. That should be enough to keep you going.