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The Power of Self Talk in Controlling an ADHD Brain

Self talk is a powerful way to regain control over run-away ADHD emotions, thoughts, and impulses. Here, learn how to talk with your child about his ADHD brain coach, how to harness its power, and how to take the stigma out of everyday ADD challenges.


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What Is Self Talk?

Almost 10 out of 10 kids I meet have never had ADHD explained to them in a way that is relevant to their daily life. 100% of the kids with whom I’ve worked (and the majority of their parents) have never had self-directed talk explained to them.

Because I want to teach kids that ADHD is not a “mental problem,” I explain the concept of self-directed talk as their Brain Coach. I explain that volume on their Brain Coach can be turned down too low, which can make it challenging for them to complete non-preferred tasks as well as figure out what they should or should not be doing in social situations.

This video, designed for kids, introduces the concept of their Brain Coach. You may find this video helpful in understanding how to talk to your child about ADHD. It has been amazing to hear from parents across the country that their sons are telling them when they used their Brain Coach. All videos for kids can be found in the Dude Talk playlists on the ADHD Dude YouTube channel.

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Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW is the facilitator of the ADHD Dude Facebook Group and YouTube channel.

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