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ADDitude Asked: “What is your child’s best quality that the world doesn’t see?”

ADDitude parents tell us about the often-overlooked qualities that make their ADHD children special – like kindness, generosity, and creativity.

ADDitude asked: What is your ADHD child’s best quality that the world doesn’t see?

She has a huge heart. If other kids could see past the occasional emotional outburst, they would see her beautiful heart. -Andrea, Canada

His ability to create his own strategies to survive in a non-ADHD world. -Anita, Tennessee

He wants to understand how everything works. Sometimes it is frustrating, but I encourage it because I don’t want to stifle his creativity. -Kayla, Arizona

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He can build really amazing things out of pieces of junk. -Tara, Washington

His enthusiasm for life. He is interested in everything around him. The small things that distract him also inspire him to learn more about the world. -Tara, Pennsylvania

It is my daughter’s unconditional love for all animals, including worms, snakes, and lightning bugs. With my son, it is his sense of humor. He can make almost anyone laugh. -Jackie, New Jersey

Our son’s interest in anyone he thinks needs his help. In school, whenever someone doesn’t understand the assignment, he will help him. He’s a willing helper, a kind and selfless soul whose happiness comes from seeing everybody getting to the finish line, sometimes to his own detriment. -M. and B., Canada

Her ability to plod on, in the face of disapproval and disdain from classmates and teachers. -Donna, California

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His ability to think through a problem or challenge and figure out the solution without doing all the steps. -Suzette, Canada

His quirky, sometimes weird, but funny sense of humor. I have to say, though, that not everyone gets it. Oh, well. -Patti, Missouri