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“My Checklist for Teaching Students with ADHD”

One child’s checklist for teaching students (like him) with ADHD.

Dear Teacher,

As we prepare for another school year, can we pause for a moment? I have a list of supplies to buy, and a set of behavioral goals.

Since you have helped me understand how you want me to prepare for school, here is my checklist for teaching students with ADHD for you.

ADHD Secrets My Teacher Should Know

Sometimes I need a distraction. Something subtle to occupy me – like two quarters to rub together – can make me relaxed and alert.

Movement restarts my attention engine. A quick break to do a few jumping jacks can help engage my focus.

Ask me questions. Besides, “Are you paying attention?” Sometimes, your one-on-one interaction helps to guide me toward the answers.

Give me the right kind of attention. I need more prompting than my peers. I also need patient encouragement and positive reinforcement.

I am not trying to be annoying or disrespectful. My brain works differently, but it does work – and I want to succeed.