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[Self-Test] Dyscalculia Symptoms in Children

Could your child’s difficulties in math be symptoms of dyscalculia — the learning disability that makes it challenging to process and understand math.? Take the results of this free symptom test to your child’s school or a learning specialist to find out.

Created from dyscalculia criteria developed by the Learning Disabilities Association of America.

Dyscalculia is a learning disability that impairs an individual’s ability to understand everyday math concepts, make sense of numbers, and memorize formulas. Dyscalculia looks different in everyone who has it — meaning one child may be unable to count to 10, while another can easily count to 100 but struggles with simple addition or subtraction.

Symptoms of dyscalculia show up in the classroom — and far beyond. They affect how your child will play with friends, set up a schedule, and even drive a car. Struggles with math are often easily dismissed — especially if your child seems to do okay in other subjects — but can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety, and missed opportunities if they’re not dealt with as early as possible.

Use this free dyscalculia symptom test to determine whether your child might be showing signs consistent with dyscalculia. Any positive results should be discussed with your child’s school or pediatrician.

 This dyscalculia symptom test is not intended to diagnose or to replace the care of an educational professional. Only a trained healthcare or education professional can make a diagnosis. This self-test is for personal use only.

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Updated on August 12, 2019

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