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School Your Turn: ADDitude Asked…

How do you help your child with attention deficit (ADD/ADHD) and learning disabilities avoid summer learning loss? ADDitude asked parents for their best strategies to help ADHD children stay sharp during summer vacation.

Summer Learning Loss: Help ADHD LD Students Academically
Summer Learning Loss: Help ADHD LD Students Academically

ADDitude asked: How do you keep your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) child sharp during summer break to avoid summer learning loss? Most of you find creative ways to fit learning into this busy, fun-filled season, balancing academics with plenty of downtime.

“We ask the teacher to put together a homework packet for the summer.” -Krys, Pennsylvania

“A half-hour of math, a half-hour of English, and a half-hour of reading every day, broken up with time outside, playing with friends.” -Amy, Montana

“I sign up my child for a summer reading program. He likes getting the special prize each week. I also practice math with him while I’m cooking.” -Angelique, Illinois

“I come up with learning opportunities for my child. My favorite is to create a treasure map and have him find the ‘buried treasure.’ There are clues and problems to solve, as well as rewards for paying special attention to details on the map.” -Helen, Arizona

“I hire a tutor for the month before school begins. And when we are on vacation, my children make a journal entry for each day.” -An ADDitude Reader

“Both of my sons are now in college, but we kept them sharp by playing board games, doing science and art projects, and reading aloud to them. We also took frequent camping trips, and I checked out books-on-tape that told us about our destinations. We listened and talked about them as we drove there.” -Barbie, Missouri

“My four boys do some form of homework every day, even if we are traveling. They don’t mind it, and it keeps them ahead of the game. It also gives them the structure that they need.” -Brenda, California

“When my son was younger, we asked the school for next year’s math textbook, and worked with him during the summer.” -Barbara, Ohio

“Because my son’s school doesn’t follow his IEP, we spend time on vacation getting caught up on overdue work.” -Crystal, Maine

“My child and I do half-days of home school throughout the summer.” -A., New Hampshire

“I have my child read for 20 minutes every day and write a sentence or two in a daily journal. I also hire a math tutor. The rest is playtime.” -Catherine, Ohio

“Summer is for fun, and kids deserve some unstructured downtime. As an educator, I realize that schools are required to use the beginning of the school year reviewing material for those students who forgot it or who have transferred from a different school district.” -Cristi, Arizona

“Our family learns and has fun at the same time. We count butterflies on a path in the woods or identify fish in the ocean.” -Kristy, New Jersey

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