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School Your Turn: ADDitude Asked…

Real parents share tips and tricks for helping their ADHD children stay focused and achieve success at school.

High-teach family of four with ADHD on laptop, cell phone, and ipad
High-teach family of four with ADHD on laptop, cell phone, and ipad

ADDitude asked: What is your favorite gadget/item/program for helping your child excel at school?

A balloon filled with salt helps him stay seated. When he gets restless, rubbing the balloon in his hand relaxes him. -Belinda, California

An iPad is valuable for listening to audio books. It has helped our 13-year-old complete reading assignments. -Beth, Massachusetts

The Fly Pen digitizes handwritten notes, so they can be uploaded to the computer. Equipped with an MP3 player, the Fly Pen is both a learning tool and an entertaining toy. -Brandi, Oregon

Playing ocean wave sounds while he’s doing homework helps my second-grader retain what he reads. -Daniel, Connecticut

A zippered binder with folders inside for each subject
really helps. It’s easier for my son to store paperwork this way. -J., Ontario

Using a timer while doing homework is useful. The goal is to focus for 15 minutes, followed by a five-minute break. -Lynna, New Jersey

I haven’t found a magic gadget yet. Even if there were one, my daughter would forget to use it. -Cathy, California

The iPod Touch has a homework app that my son uses to track his assignments. He also uses the gadget in different classes for videos and research. -Helen, Ontario

My daughter’s cell phone has made a huge difference in completing assignments. We stopped fighting about using her planner, and she schedules everything in the phone. Her IEP now gives her permission to use her phone at school. -Judy, Ohio

KenKen puzzles have helped my daughter excel in math. She no longer feels intimidated when having to make difficult computations in math class. Her progress has been amazing. -Holly, Kansas