ADHD in College

Scholarships for Students with ADHD or LD

College acceptance letters have started to trickle in, but now how to finance university tuition? These scholarships, specifically awarded to students with ADHD or LD, have approaching deadlines.

Scholarship application form for ADHD and LD Students on table
Scholarship application form for ADHD and LD Students on table

Several college scholarships are specifically designed to help assist students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities (LD) and autism. We’ve done our best to highlight them here. If you know of any others, please share them in the comments.

Nationwide Opportunities

The American Association on Health and Disability awards the AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability annually to a student with a disability who is pursuing secondary education in the fields of health and disability.

The Disability Care Center offers $500 scholarships to students who are disabled, or seeking a degree in special education.

The Dyslexia Advantage awards the Karina Eide Memorial College Scholarship ($2,500) to 16 students with dyslexia and financial need who are attending a 2- or 4-year college.

Feldman & Royal Law Offices give two $1,000 awards annually to students with autism who are planning to attend secondary school.

Gem Learning offers a scholarship twice a year to students with dyslexia or auditory processing disorder in the U.S. and Canada to attend college.

The Law Offices of Judd S. Nemiro, PLLC gives two $1,000 awards annually to students with dyslexia planning to attend further their education.

Learning Ally presents the Marion Huber Learning Through Listening® (LTL®) Awards to six Learning Ally members with learning disabilities. The top three winners are awarded $6,000, and the remaining winners receive $2,000 each.

The Lime Network, in partnership with Google, offers the Google-Lime Scholarship for students pursuing a computer science or computer engineering degree, and living with an invisible disability in the U.S. ($10,000) or Canada ($5,000).

The Microsoft disAbility Scholarship gives $5,000 (renewable annually up to $20,000) to students with disabilities who pursue a major in engineering, computer science, computer information systems, law, business, or a related field. The scholarship is paid by The Seattle Foundation on behalf of the disAbility Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Microsoft.

The National Center for Learning Disabilities offers four scholarships annually for students with learning and attention issues: the Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship, the Anne Ford Scholarship, the Rozelle Founders Award, and the Bill Ellis Award. Amount awarded ranges from $2,500 to $10,000.

The Park City Community Foundation, in partnership with the Morelli Scholarship Fund Committees, supports students with learning challenges who are pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The Joseph James Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually.

If you know someone already affiliated with the P. Buckley Moss Society, the P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship, worth up to $1,000, is available to one or more high school senior with a verified language-related learning disability. Note: Nominations for the scholarship must be made by Society members.

The Rise Scholarship Foundation awards $2,500 each year to five students with documented LD and five students with autism. There are 10 honorable mention awards for each category, worth $500.

Shire offers the Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship Program for students in the United States planning to attend an accredited college, university, trade school, or vocational college.

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities honors a student with learning disabilities who has achieved success. The Fred J. Epstein Youth Achievement Award ($1,000) recognizes the strengths and accomplishments of students with LD annually at a spring gala.

State- and School-Specific Opportunities

  • Arkansas: The Ralph G. Norman Scholarship, provided by the Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas, offers three scholarships to Arkansas residents pursuing higher education. Learn more on the LDAA website.
  • Iowa: The Learning Disabilities Association of Iowa offers five scholarships, worth $500 each, for college, university, or vocational training. Find out more on the LDA-IA website.
  • Indiana: The Indiana University Bloomington awards a variety scholarships for students, funded by their donors, the Division of Student Affairs, and the Office of Disability Services for Students. Learn more on the Indiana University website.
  • Florida: Florida State University offers a scholarship to students with learning disabilities. Information can be found on the FSU Student Disability Resource Center website.
  • Michigan: The University of Michigan has the Nabi Family Scholarship , two awards of $4,000 for students enrolled in the University of Michigan Services for Students with Disabilities.
  • Oregon and Southwest Washington: Incight, a leading non-profit supporting people with disabilities, offers yearly scholarships for students attending college in Oregon or Southwest Washington. Check the Incight website for more information.
  • Texas: Texas A&M University awards a variety of scholarships for students with learning disabilities. Learn more in the Texas A&M University Disability Services website.

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