Sample Letters for Requesting School Accommodations

Use these sample letters to help craft your own request for accommodations or when documenting problems.

Mailing accommodation request templates

To request special-education services…

Dear Special Education Director:

This letter is to request that our child be evaluated for special-education services. It is our understanding that this evaluation and determination of eligibility must be completed within 60 days. This letter is also our consent for the evaluation and determination of eligibility.

Sincerely, John and Jane Parent

To document an IEP problem…

Dear Special Education Teacher:

I am writing to express my concern about Jennifer’s problems in Mr. Small’s class. I believe that Mr. Small is not implementing Jennifer’s IEP. As you know, the IEP provides for Jennifer to have a quiet place to go when she is overwhelmed. You assured me that Mr. Small has been advised to follow the IEP. You also advised me that the school would provide a quiet place near Mr. Small’s class. Mr. Small refuses to let Jennifer go to the quiet place. If Jennifer cannot get away when she is overwhelmed, she has behavior problems. She has already been suspended three times this year. The IEP team spent hours writing an IEP that would provide Jennifer with an appropriate education. How can a teacher refuse to implement it? Please schedule an IEP meeting to address this issue. You can contact me at 555-3456. I look forward to meeting with the IEP team.

Sincerely, Jane Parent