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Sample Dialogue for Talking About ADHD

If your child has questions, keep your answers simple, brief, and upbeat. Here’s how.

CHILD: Does having ADHD mean I’m stupid?
PARENT: Not at all. It means you have a quick mind. It means you can do things that lots of people can’t do.

CHILD: I don’t want to have ADHD. Can I get rid of it?
PARENT: Tell me why you don’t want to have it, and I bet I can help you turn ADHD into something you want to have!

CHILD: Should I tell my friends about my medication?
PARENT: Only if you really want to. Some kids don’t understand ADHD or what the medication does. Honestly, it’s none of their business.

CHILD: Will I always have ADHD?
PARENT: ADD usually lasts into adulthood. But by then, you will have learned how to deal with ADHD so well that you’ll enjoy having it.

CHILD: Why is it called attention-deficit disorder? I don’t think I have a disorder.
PARENT: Good for you! It is a dumb term. So let’s make up a name that we both like.

CHILD: Can I still be a (doctor, teacher, reporter, etc.) when I grow up?
PARENT: You can be anything you want to be. As long as we take care of it now, ADHD does not have to hold you back. In fact, it can become a real advantage for you.