Impulsivity & Hyperactivity

6 Safety Tips for Hyperactive Kids

Pass along these need-to-know safety tips to new caregivers who may not anticipate the hazards of hyperactivity in everyday play.

Keeping ADHD kids safe
Keeping ADHD kids safe

These safety rules for children with ADHD may seem obvious, but we find that reminders seldom hurt — especially for caregivers who don’t live every day with attention deficit and hyperactivity.

  1. A parent or older sibling must always supervise free play.
  2. Stop his jumping or running sooner than you might with another child.
  3. When outside, hold hands.
  4. When out for a stroll, walk on the side that’s closer to the street.
  5. Be ready to stop a child with your actions, not words, should he happen to dart off.
  6. Hold hands in stores or malls, or place the child in a wagon or cart with a seat belt.