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ADHD Product Review: The Purseket

We asked readers to test out purse organizers-will the Purseket provide a simpler life and organization help for these ADHD adults?

The Purseket organizes the contents of your purse
The Purseket organizes the contents of your purse

Are you always digging in your purse for your keys, your cell phone, and other “I know it’s in here” items? Do you waste time and energy transferring belongings between purses? We asked three adults with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) to try out the Purseket purse organizer-here are their reviews.

Rating: ••••• (5 of 5 stars)

Reviewer: Kelly, Raleigh, North Carolina

Purse-onal Challenge: My goal is to carry only necessities, but, inevitably, my purse fills up and I’m always digging around for things I need.

Using the Purseket: I was impressed by how it “molds” to the inside of my purses-without making them look bulky. Since I’ve been using the Purseket, I’ve enjoyed reaching calmly into my purse and pulling out my keys or cell phone. If you can create a system for yourself-assign pockets for items and put them back where they belong-and actually stick to it through the day, the Purseket can make life easier.

Rating: ••• (2.5 of 5 stars)

Reviewer: Stephanie, Grove City, Ohio

Purse-onal Challenge: I have three children, so I carry a large, messy purse. I don’t avoid switching purses because of the junk, but I do wait until the last possible minute to switch.

Using the Purseket: It was durable, and the many pockets held all of my smaller items. One downside: I carry lots of paper, and it didn’t seem to fit anywhere without being folded into small rectangles. I also found it difficult to keep the items in the Purseket organized when I was in a hurry.

Rating: •••• (4 of 5 stars)

Reviewer: Valerie, Hickory, North Carolina

Purse-onal Challenge: I could go on Let’s Make a Deal, where they ask audience members to pull unusual items out of their purses-coffee mug, dog leash, pretty rocks. I would like to match my purse with my outfit, but I rarely do, because I don’t want to move all of that stuff.

Using the Purseket: It accommodated all of my items, except my wallet, which I put in the center. I found that I was not as frustrated when I ran errands, because I could find my keys, my grocery list, and my checkbook quickly. More important, it’s much easier to switch my must-carry items. I will definitely continue using it.

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