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"Mindfulness Goes to School: How Meditation Helps Students with ADHD Thrive" [Video Replay and Podcast #199]

Access the video replay, listen to the podcast episode (#199) and download the slide presentation for this ADHD Experts webinar originally broadcast on October 12, 2017.

4 Comments: "Mindfulness Goes to School: How Meditation Helps Students with ADHD Thrive" [Video Replay and Podcast #199]

  1. I have a daughter with ADHD and a neurodevelopmental disorder I’d like to know if you have some suggestions of apps or websites that have mindfulness exercises for young kids (6-10 years old). I’m interested in short guided meditations that I could use with my daughter in the morning before going to school. Thank you, Erika

    1. Hi Erika,
      Thank you for your email. I would purchase Carolyn Clarke’s ” Imaginations” book which has relaxation and meditations for kids. She has three books out, and they are all excellent. I would also try Mindful Games Activity Cards by Susan Kaiser Greenland. They are short and fun activities that you and your daughter can explore. Some links to websites that I use are: http://www.chopra.com/articles/3-kid-friendly-meditations-your-children-will-love
      Here are some Apps to try:
      Mindfulness for Children
      Smiling Mind
      Stop, Breathe and Think Kids
      Well Beyond Meditation
      Have fun!

  2. Could you please address how mindfulness will help adult students with ADHD as well? I’m 43 and in school. I’ve heard about mindfulness and esn’t to incorporate it into my daily practice. Thank you

    1. Hi Josh,
      Thanks for your email, that’s great that you want to add mindfulness into your life! The practices should help you focus on your studies. I think that many activities can work for people of any age. There is a lot to explore, and once you start searching, you will find something that works for you. I have been enjoying some podcasts by Mindful Meditations by UCLA MARC and the Mindful Podcast. I would recommend checking these websites out:

      Here are some apps to explore:
      Simple Habit Meditation
      Insight Time
      7s Meditation

      Have fun and keep it simple!

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