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Free Webinar Replay: How to Transform Your ADHD Into a Strategic Advantage at Work

In this hour-long webinar-on-demand learn how to use ADHD to your advantage at work with Edward Hallowell, M.D., and Peter Shankman.

10 Comments: Free Webinar Replay: How to Transform Your ADHD Into a Strategic Advantage at Work

  1. to Transform Your ADHD Into a Strategic Advantage at Work
    In this hour-long webinar-on-demand learn how to use ADHD to your advantage at work with Edward Hallowell, M.D., and Peter Shankman.
    Thanks so much for another great Webinar. I am very grateful for those professionals in the field of ADHD who take the time to help all of us by giving their time and sharing their knowledge. The advice was abundant and I enjoyed the two different personalities who presented — Dr. Ned Hallowell, who I have seen give a talk before, and Peter Shankman! Thanks to you both for your wonderful thoughts and ideas!

  2. I really enjoyed this webinar, and laughed at several of the comments because of how much they apply to me. I’ve often said–as Peter mentioned a similar sentiment–that I would much rather be up on a stage in front of a thousand people than in a small group or having a one-on-one conversation with someone. I’m definitely an “extroverted introvert” with ADHD, while my ADHD daughter is very extroverted and loves being with people, especially one-on-one.

    I appreciated Dr. Hallowell’s explanation of how adrenaline acts in the same way as stimulant medication. That helps me understand why I seem to be on top of things when there’s drama and excitement, and how much more productive I am when something is immediate. For instance, when I was in college and had a paper due a few weeks away, I just couldn’t get my brain in gear even though I wanted to get it written in advance without stress. But the day before it was due (or the same day), suddenly the ideas would flow and I’d be able to write a 10-page essay within a few hours and submit it online to my professor one minute before the deadline at midnight. My first draft was my final draft because I didn’t have time to proofread it. Then I would get an “A” with a note telling me how great the paper was and how the professor could tell I’d put much planning and effort into it. That should have made me feel great, but it didn’t. It made me wonder if 1) the professor was competent, or 2) if all the other students were also getting “A’s”. It made me feel like a phony because I was passing the classes with flying colors without a lot of study and planning.

    Anyway, thank you for this webinar and for all the other excellent resources provided by Dr. Hallowell, Mr. Shankman, and ADDitude Magazine. I didn’t know I had ADHD until I was into my 40s, and I just began official treatment a few months ago (in my 50s). I hate the word “treatment,” as if ADHD is some kind of disease. Learning how to manage ADHD in a neuro-typical world is like learning to manage being left-handed in a world designed for right-handed people. It isn’t an illness; it’s just different wiring.

  3. thank you for the opportunity to hear both of you at once – i’ve made habit and life changes based on many of the takeaways from your books and teachings. my adhd is an absolute godsend for my small business and the impact of my business has on others – i’m in love with the work i do and with my client…. but divorced at times from running the business. i never pay taxes on time or stay financially organized – it’s almost to the point where i will have to go back to being an employee despite a track record of client success, making 2x what i did as an employee doing what i do, and a strong pipeline of current and prospective clients. help.

  4. I own my own business and I work from home. Part of the work that I need to do is graphic design and social media curation… How can I better manage the “just this little bit more” syndrome when I’m hyperfocused on something? Ex: looking for a picture for a blog post or to create a social media post… In a sea of a million pictures of fields or mountains… or when working on a graphic design, how do I stop hyper-focusing on the details of the design so that I can go and BE with my family or do some other work that’s necessary – like eating lunch, do some type of household task, go to sleep?

    I recently spent over 8 weeks working on a graphic design for a brain, often working on the design 16+ hours a day, sometimes even working 36 hours on the same complex image. In the end, we went with another design because this one was exceedingly complex and unworkable. This is a clear example of ADHD being a misnomer… I had no Deficit in Attention – it was 300% focused on this design, and it was only when I realized that Christmas was just over a week away that I finally understood that I had been working on this one project for over 8 weeks instead of a few days. I **REALLY** do not have any sense of the passing of time – even with all the bells, whistles, calendars, significant milestones… My birthday came and went in the middle of this “project”, at about 5 weeks in…

    Whether I’m hyper-focused or not, I have little to no sense of the passing of time… I go to bed & sleep, I get up, I eat my daily meals, I go to church, I celebrate birthdays & special events… I write in a journal… And still! I’ll only realize that we’re no longer in month X-Y-Z because 2 seasons have come & gone… Strangely enough, it was worse when I was on a “regular routine” like school! It’s not a question of perfectionism either. When I get lost in my something, be it routine or interesting project, I can **REALLY** get lost in it!



  5. How survive weekly status meetings? We r put on the spot, room is small, colleagues brag. I feel bored, I can’t remember the details of what I have done, my body is restless, and I end up disengaged and/or enraged at the kiss up, protect yourself at all costs environment.

  6. Question for Hallowell/Shankman: I am an about-to-be-licnesed Marriage and Family Therapist and am nervous about the transition from being an intern to running a practice on my own. All the details involved: getting a business license, doing separate taxes, renting a space, all the paperwork involved with clients, and then being a mom on top of it all. AGH! I LOVE my work as a therapist, but am NOT excited about running my own business. Any thoughts?

  7. Hello,
    I’d like to have a work group setup to watch this live webinar, but HR wants to review the content first. Is there any way to receive a preview in advance?

    1. This is a live webinar, not pre-recorded.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

  8. This will happen at 4-5am for me, so will need the recording but the sign up page states I’ll need to download the recording “at least 2 hours” afterwards… is that true?

    I’ll still be sleeping then… 🙁

    1. Hi Sean:
      The webinar recording will be available roughly 2 hours after the live event, and it will remain available free of charge for 6 months on ADDitudeMag.com

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