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3 Comments & Reviews: Cogmed

  1. We tried Cogmed this summer. My 8 year old improved appropriately on all their “games”, but sadly we saw zero improvements in real life.

  2. My son recently completed the Cogmed program at school. It helps with working memory which is an area of difficulty for those with ADHD but I can’t see how it would be a medication alternative. I believe his reading has improved since undergoing the program but its hard to say as he was also on an intensive reading program as well. I don’t think its one thing or the other. I believe the medication that he takes helps him to get the best out of these type of interventions. We also do occupational therapy as well.

  3. My daughter just finished week 4 of Cogmed JM and already her learning support teacher can see some improvement, it’s not easy, quite boring for her, but we can all see a difference at home as well, best of luck!

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