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The Truth About Your Child's Lies

A lie is a lie is a lie, right? Maybe not, if your child has ‪‎ADHD‬. Often, those lies are used to avoid getting blamed, to hide their own insecurities, or simply to get some attention. Learn why promoting honesty — without punishing every lie — is the best way to react when your child tells you the teacher didn't assign any homework (for the fifth day in a row!)

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  1. About those so – called “white lies“;and then specifically to the example given in the article:


    Principally speaking – that is on the background of “our“ Christian Civilization with its most basic & fundamental yet ever so beautiful operating values and all their transformative power:

    They’re still lies. They’re not, somehow, “kind of okay“ – let alone actually okay.

    It then follows that it’s better to use our creative intelligence as human beings

    -(even perhaps beforehand, like by coming up with and collecting feasible alternatives & repeatedly “going over“ these)

    – to try to avoid telling one than to tell a lie.

    Any kind of lie.

    The type of situation mentioned in the article can serve as a good, simple example.

    Why resort to lying at all?

    Acceptable alternatives?

    Just a couple of ideas off the top of my head to illustrate ☺💐:

    “Thank you very much for your present!“ or “Thank you so much for your kind gift!“, … etc. etc.

    This way, we’re honoring the giver’s good, friendly intentions while “actively overlooking“ 😉💑👼, so to speak, the specifics/details of whatever we don’t like.

    Problem solved. Mission accomplished. 🙆😎

  2. My son will lie about everything , even when I catch him in a lie he will tell me he’s not, I get so overwhelmed at times with him not telling me the truth, it can be the littest thing he did and he will still tell me he didn’t do it or say it, does he know he’s doing it or is it just something that he has no control over.

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