Executive Dysfunction
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Your Executive Functions Are Weak. Here's Why.

ADHD and Executive Function Disorder (EFD) are tightly linked, but far from synonymous. They both make it exceedingly difficult to complete tasks and stay organized, but EFD impacts nearly all goal-directed behavior. How to tell the difference — and get it under control.

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  1. Wait wait wait,
    “How Do We Know It’s EFD?
    3. Non-Verbal Working Memory: The ability to hold things in your mind. Essentially, visual imagery – how well you can picture things mentally.”

    This is massively wrong because of a newly popularized condition called Aphantasia. Aphantasia has been known about since the 1800s, but has only recently fallen into popularity, and there are now many studies going into it.

    Aphantasia means you don’t have a “minds eye”, it means you can’t visualize in your head, I highly doubt any study has shown correlation between aphantasia and EFD. My main problem is that you’re suggesting that those who can’t visualize in their heads have EFD, which I find absurd.

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for this explanation but why are all the solutions and tips only for children?
    Isn’t this one of the most troubling symptoms of adult-AD/HD?
    I would really like to see also tips for adults with this syndrom.

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