Sensory Processing Disorder
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3 Types of Sensory Disorders That Look Like ADHD

Sensory disorders are not just about itchy tags. Here are 3 complex and multi-faceted conditions that are often mistaken for ADHD, anxiety, and other comorbidities. A must-read for parents.

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  1. SPD is misdiagnosed as ADHD all the time. Really? Is there any empirical support for this statement? Is it possible that OTs are missing the ADHD diagnosis, in the same way mental health professionals often miss SPD? Perhaps SPD and ADHD are frequently comorbid? Some very important information is missing from this article. It could lead to parents not obtaining treatment for their ADHD child, in favor of focusing on SPD only.

  2. My son was originally diagnosed with ADHD and after the traditional treatment only sort of worked, a better doctor diagnosed SPD and while some treatments are the same, others are different, including treating extreme anxiety caused by sensory dysfunction. It was amazing how so many of the ADHD symptoms were caused by anxiety/SPD and some of the behavior ceased once we addressed the anxiety and focused on the SPD treatment. Our child is doing so much better

    1. Hi Kevin,
      I wondered if you could share what treatments have helped your child. Our son has been diagnosed with autism and sensory processing disorder. He is constantly moving and sensory seeking. It’s exhausting. It’s always an outburst when we have to go somewhere. He is having problems learning because it gets in the way and causes him to have outbursts. He’s 8 now, and we need something to help alleviate his anxiety caused by his SPD.

      Thank you

    2. Just wondering what type of doctor did you see for the SPD? My son is diagnosed with ASHD but after reading this article he also shows some signs of sensory issues. He also struggles with anxiety.

      1. An occupational therapist can work with your child on sensory issues.

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