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All the Feelings, All the Time

ADHD seems to exacerbate and exaggerate everything — especially our senses. If you taste, smell, or hear in extremes, you're not alone. Here are common ADHD hypersensitivities — and expert recommendations for dialing them down.

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  1. Sounds – reverberations bother me. There have been a couple of guys on the radio with really deep voices and I change the station when they come on. And my husband just bought a surround sound thing for the TV and if there are deep sounds on I put on headphones to block it out.

  2. I can’t wear shoes and socks together for long without feeling like my feet are suffocating! Most of the time I wear shoes I can slip off easily, without socks if possible. If I wear socks and say, sneakers, I am very soon removing them and putting the shoes back on without socks. This has actually worsened as I’ve gotten older.

    I’m also a super-picky eater. A lot of foods just taste horrible to me. Anything with tomatoes, vinegar, basically any sauce except chocolate, spices, garlic, etc. I eat hamburgers plain, basically everything plain.

  3. @greg.gagne There is an (older, ’70s sexist, HORRIBLE title but LOTS of useful information) CBT seminar on DVD (library likely has it) “Self-Discipline and Emotional Control” by Dr. Tom Miller that may have what you are looking for. A lot like the way Jim Carrey might do a seminar: very lively and gets loud and emphatic at times, to make it more memorable.

  4. Don’t accept what seems to me an ‘all in your mind’ concept if it doesn’t fit.

    For example, perfumes are designed to be volatile, persistent and affect other people by causing a response in their olfactory receptors.

    Unfortunately, the response I have is not “nice perfume!”; it’s an allergic inflammatory response. For some scents (e.g. artificial Freesia) I can taste it, get sinus inflammation and a nasty claw-out-my-sinuses headache within five minutes. Look up “chemically sensitive”. For the artificial Freesia scent, look up “nerve gas”.

    Then, because the wearer can’t smell the scent any more after wearing it for a long time, they apparently bathe in it.

    I carry an inconspicuous pocket charcoal filter mask from ICanBreathe.com (my only connection is happy customer) so I can e.g. stay at plays or other public events.

  5. Regarding CBT therapy, finding someone skilled in CBT that’s relevant to your particular issues is extremely challenging. Everyone talks about the benefits of CBT, and every therapist I’ve ever seen references it as within their skill set, but I have yet to find a therapist that actually practices it. Even the books I’ve read on it talk a lot of about the benefits of CBT, but don’t actually teach any of it’s methods. Anyone else finding the same?

    Thanks for your help.

  6. Oh wow, I’ve always HATED the sound of ticking clocks and dripping water for as long as I can remember. There was a clock in my grandma’s house that I had to take the batteries out of whenever I visited because the sound made me so upset.

    Loud noises also bother me a lot…I live in New York City. So I’m always wearing my noise canceling headphones without sound on most of the time to muffle the noise of the trains and people.

    Sunglasses are a must.


  8. Sometimes I just can’t stand certain clothes. I can wear them most days but sometimes I’ll put on certain things and they feel too tight, too restrictive and I have to take them off. Skinny jeans sometimes do it, I sometimes put them on and one leg feels tighter than the other. It feels really bizarre and weird.

    Since I was a small child I haven’t been able to stand anything round my neck. I used to grab at my clothing saying ‘too tight, too tight,’ and get undressed. My Mum said I’d drive her to distraction trying to dress me. I still now can’t have anything resting on my windpipe.

    My parents tv speakers at a certain level make a buzzing noise. I seem to be the only one who notices it, but it drives me crazy. It’s as if it’s reverberating in my ears. Also loud noises hurt my ears, or many loud noises at once are overwhelming.

    Light makes my eyes water, bright days or even light days I have to wear sunglasses or all I do is squint the whole time.

    Sometimes touch, especially a surprise touch or when I’m trying to concentrate is really irritating. My Mum will sometimes go to kiss me out of the blue and I’ll move away, or she’ll go to touch me or my hair and it feels really weird. But I’m a very touchy feely person on my own terms, I love hugs.

    1. Becca,
      👕I also have the same feeling with having clothes, scarves, turtlenecks aroud my neck. I cannot handle it. Feels like someone is literally choking me. T-shirts, sweaters or blouses must be a cotton or rayon blend, button down or v-neck. I cannot wear wool or synthetic fabrics (nylon, acrylic).

      👖Hey, at least you do skinny jeans. I could never, my legs and bum would be claustrophobic. I don’t wear form fitting clothes anymore. I find pictures, flowing skirts and blouses and then have my seamstress who makes them for me.👗

      My Mom said when I was little I didn’t like clothes. She would put them on, I would take them off. It was challenging for her when we’d go to the department store and I’d wander off, she’d find me in a corner, all my clothes off and I’d be taking a nap on them.

      🚨🚥I also cannot be in a room very long with flourescent lighting. I get a headache and irritated with people and noises. Must leave and take breaks, go outside for the natural light.

      📈📉📊🖊Sometimes in meetings, people repeatedly click their pen tops, drives me nuts.

      🐕I need to walk my dog on side streets, not the 4 or 6 lane streets. Too much noise to break through. The noise is irritating and I get anxiety.

      Rarely take the elevator, always the stairs. Not so many people so close to me.

      Can’t handle perfume, men’s colognes or those stupid fragrance wall plugs.

      I’m not a fan of any make up around my eyes, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, brows. Feels like cement.

      My hubbie says I’m the Idiosyricies Queen. Yes, I am.😃

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