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How to Survive the After-School Witching Hour

He's tired, grouchy, and hungry. His meds are wearing off and school just ended, so he's headed your way! Quick, here's how to stop your child's meltdowns before they begin.

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  1. So…what if you have all these same behaviors and moodiness, anger, etc., but as an adult?
    This is me to a T, except instead of it being when a child gets home from school, for me it’s when I get home from work. I swear I still have symptoms of a child but I’m an adult.

    1. YES!! Same here. I have transition issues from work to home. One thing that works for me is to actually mark the transition by changing my clothes. I also find myself still wanting to concentrate on work things (where I have a lot more control), but my family is pulling me in 18 different directions! Good luck to all of us adults!

      1. I’m also an adult with these same struggles. And I work for myself so there is no clear line between work and home.

        I find it is helping me to give myself space after I get off of long calls, especially in the afternoon.

        Changing clothes and getting out into nature for a bit helps a lot. Even when I feel that there is so much to do, and my list is still long, I know I won’t be effective in that state. Connecting with nature and taking time to rest is much more helpful to me in the long run.

  2. I can especially certainly attest to #3. If my son has had a day at school where he has had a harder time taking him to run errands is a bear every time.

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