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ADHD Film Characters We Love

From Dory to Percy and beyond, meet our 10 favorite film characters — the ones who taught us something important about living, loving and following your ADHD passions. For your next movie night. What would you add to our list?

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  1. I do have ADHD and here are some other characters in media I noticed have ADHD on the big screen:
    – The JoJos in JoJos Bizarre Adventure (all of them were confirmed to have it by the author of the seriesBut the signs and symptoms are most visible in Joseph )
    – Inosuke and zenitsu from Demon Slayer(These two fan favorites both have different types , while inosuke is hyperactive and impulsive and zenitsu is sleepy and timid, they both know when it’s time to be serious)
    – Spud from American Dragon: Jake Long( though he doesn’t seem smart at first and gets low grades due to his lazy attitude, he is extremely intelligent and helps a lot throughout the series)

    These are unfortunately all the characters I could think of at the moment , but if you do choose to see them on the screen they really give off an amazing feeling like you can also be a hero like them!

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