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What I Love Most About You (and Your ADHD, Too)

Spontaneity. Creativity. An unparalleled ability to entertain a room full of preschoolers. We asked non-ADHD partners what they loved most about their spouses — and what they said will warm your heart.

2 Comments: What I Love Most About You (and Your ADHD, Too)

  1. My spouse denies that either one of us has any ADHD features and if we did that medication is not an option, just a cop-out. My ADHD is a constant source of conflict between us and is 100% seen as faults and failures on my part as an intelligent adult. I so envy people who have spouses who love them for who they are instead of denigrating them for who they aren’t.

  2. My husband is the worst person I have ever met for being horrendously messy, disorganised and forgetful, but he is he best at being a loving, kind, funny and caring husband. He is my best friend and despite the chaos in our home, which I have given up trying to cope with, I couldn’t wish for anyone else in my life.
    The other day, he said he needed me and didn’t know where he would be without me, because I can ‘organise’ him a bit and make life a little easier. But by the same token, I bless the day that I met him, as he has brought me and my son such happiness and we really would be lost without him. We do most things together, I even enjoy grocery shopping despite the fact that he loses me very easily in the supermarket when he wanders off randomly! He is kind and friendly with everyone, he brings sunshine to my life.

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