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The Opposite of Distracted. The Epitome of Productive.

Hyperfocus is a blessing and a curse. When you're intensely concentrating on work, it's great. Not so much when you get sucked into a video game. Here, learn how to use hyperfocus to your advantage.

4 Comments: The Opposite of Distracted. The Epitome of Productive.

  1. @Adder

    Couple of things:
    1 . Try using AdBlock – a free Chrome plugin.
    2. I view the website using my laptop – everything is on one page and I didn’t have to do any click-throughs.

    I realise your posts were Jan and April, so if my experience is different, it’s either it’s the things above, or maybe ADDitude have tweaked the site at your suggestion.

  2. I understand the internet is all about “clicks” but, really, ADDitude? On a site trying to address ADD/ADHD having any articles with a “top 5 things to do when…” (etc.) and requiring lots of click-through to read the full article.

    NOT helpful. Not helpful at all.

    Surely by doing this means those with ADD to get distracted on each page and wander around the site. Plain old articles would be SO much better IMHO. Perhaps a site proclaiming to help suffers could ensure the site is set-up to support this.

    1. Adder, I completely agree. Not only is it distracting (even the screen bounces around now like one of those fake news sites) but the sheer number and types of ads comes at a cost to the credibility of this site. That is a real shame, because I would like to share many of the articles, but I don’t do that as much as I used to because I don’t want it to discredit ME. :/

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