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The Ultimate Room-by-Room Organization Guide

Tried-and-true organization tricks don't work for you. Why? You need a system designed for your ADHD mind. Efficiency is our battle cry in this room-by-room plan that nips common clutter magnets — like the kids' room or the hall closet — in the bud.

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  1. Great ideas here in the comments! The mesh bag for socks is brilliant. I read that and immediately turned around and ordered some mesh bags; a different color for each family member! I have high hopes… pray for us… LOL

    And thank you to the person who shared the Clutterbug link!

  2. This is nice but what has really worked for me was Kon Mari method “Magic of Tydying” that is very intuitive. The idea is that to declutter you go by categories like “clothing, books”etc. First you put all the stuff from a category together from all around the house (and if you have some in your parents house or elsewhere, ideally that you bring this to the pile as well) and see what you really like and what you don’t like so much. Keep only the things you like. Hold it in your hands, feel it, don’t put it on. This way I discovered that I have lots of beautiful clothing that was hidden behind the piles of what I was normally wearing.

    To organize things you also need to follow your feelings – ask yourself or even the thing “where does it want to live in my house? On which shelf?”

  3. This was not helpful for me. I do not have a problem with too much stuff. Organizing is different from eliminating. I have good socks that have friends, but I struggle to sort and store them so that they are available. I have one pair of dress shoes, but I tripped over them last night. Each dog has one leash, but two are currently missing. And where did I put the one can of Static Guard? It’s not in the laundry caddy.

  4. Great list, I have in the past always maintained a clean house. Today not so much, I have 2 boys with ADHD along with myself being called a “special” case of ADHID and find it increasingly difficult to maintain a neat home. My 18 year old is in college and rarely has time for much, other than creating mess! My 9 yr old is like the tanzanian devil creating multiple mess no matter how much I fuss! I feel overwhelmed constantly with no time for myself. My husband being just as bad as the boys, which they see as an example. Lord bless it, my house needs an intervention! Any advice is welcomed!! Will try to implement some of these ideas!

  5. Newenglandrose:

    Search Youtube:
    The Clutter Connection | Cassandra Aarssen | TEDxWindsor
    She discusses that there’s different ways to organize that work for different people. This was eye opening for me! To find how your brain works so that you can be successful! You’ll appreciate her ideas to keep things “visible” but still reduce clutter!

  6. #5 Socks! Reduce sorting between family members:

    Buy lingerie type zipper bags for each member of the family. Better yet, find one with a loop so it can hang on a hook near their dirty clothes hamper!
    Each person gets their own bag for socks and fills it. When you are ready to run the laundry, zip it shut and wash them all together. Afterwards, return the bag to each child….No sorting!!!!

    I have 2 small baskets in my closet for socks & undies. (Easier for me to drop into a basket than placing in the small lingerie bag.) Then I place in the bag before I run my loads.

    I have also seen people use the loops for embroidery to hold the lingerie bag “open” until it’s time to wash.

  7. Great List! My house is always cluttered. I really try. I don’t buy more stuff but I have to have everything OUT or I forget about it. The bottom drawers in my fridge might as well be a black hole. Here are some things I’d like to add or comment on:
    4) I agree about open trash cans. I read this several years ago and I realized that lifting the lid was one extra step so I got the type that you can step on to open. I also suggest a trash can in EVERY SINGLE room. And not a tiny wicker one – get a good size one and put a bag in each one.
    7) When my boys were little (toddlers) picking up their room was fun – not a chore. Never say “clean your room” to anyone at any age. It is too daunting if you have ADHD. We had a bunch of colorful bins on shelves and I’d say: find all the toys with wheels and put them in the green bin! Done! Now put all the animals in the red bin! Great! How about finding all of the toys that are blocks! etc. It’s a game and the floor gets clean. Yup…it takes time but it’s better than yelling OR worse…stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night.
    12) Timers are the best for everything. Never more than 15 minutes. Fewer for little kids. I recommend the Time Timer (App – there are also clocks and watches for teachers, kids’ rooms, etc.) I hate doing the dishes (even loading the dishwasher) so I try to “beat the clock” I know it sounds dumb to some people but I know there is an END to the chore. You can also listen to your favorite song (or just an upbeat song) and fold as much laundry as you can before the song ends – or before a show ends – or during commercials (if anyone still watches those dreadful things!). Having AdHd is always coming up with tricks or coping mechanisms. Before I was diagnosed at age 41 I thought I was just like my mom with notes to remember things and all these little “tricks” to get through the day. Now we both think she has AdHD too!

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