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The "Aha" Moment I Realized My Child Has ADHD

Parents who've been there share their "aha moment" — the exact moment they realized their child could have ADHD, and what led them to seek professional help.

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  1. When our daughter was born there were tons of babies in the hospital. When they needed something they would start gradually fussing and then cry weakly. Our daughter would fuss twice and start screaming like she’s being skinned alive. We said “Uh-oh”, and nothing was a surprise afterwards. Fortunately we have a lot of personal experience to draw on.

  2. My daughter told me that when my granddaughter started school she couldn’t sit still and would keep getting up from her desk and walked around the classroom. Then she started to run out of the school room down the hallway and scream and holler. They took her to their doctor and she was diagnosed with ADHD. She couldn’t sit still. She’s 13 now and has been on medicine but she still has trouble sitting still and is always figity.

  3. We use the timer on the microwave to help our son who was diagnosed with ADHD hyperactive type in November of 2016. We use our timer in 10 minute increments with a 20 minute maximum. So for instance I will put 10 min on the timer and hand my son 2 raffle tickets. Once the microwave goes off my son will ask for another 5 minutes and I will ask him for a ticket. This way he will visually see that he only has one more ticket to “cash” in for his extra 5 min. increment which gives him a maximum 20 minute time limit for an activity. So far it seems to be working.

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