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Your Kids Don’t Need “Perfect.” They Need “Persistent” and “Patient.”

In your standard-issue “How to Be a Mom” manual, you might find job requirements such as consistency and firmness. Those are all fine and good, but moms of children with ADHD know that more is required of us. Here are the Top 10 essential qualities our kids require every day.

4 Comments: Your Kids Don’t Need “Perfect.” They Need “Persistent” and “Patient.”

  1. I hear all 3 of you. arielle – right there with ya, honey. And thanks for the reminder mia – We ARE amazing moms. We are also humans with good days and bad. Yesterday was a not so great day in our house, and I needed this article today. A reminder of what it takes to get up, dust yourself off & try and try and try again.

  2. I hear you both, and like bremom, I took this more as a reminder. Frankly, I was just really happy to see how much someone got what it really takes…. I am nowhere near, this but I find these to be aspirations I need to keep going. Thank you both for your comments. We ARE amazing moms in our imperfect try-again (and again and again) ways.

  3. So did I, Arielle. Then I decided to read it as a reminder. If you’re anything like me, I bet you get the love and understanding parts better than most. We’re good moms of amazing kids. Even when we’re overwhelmed (which is often the greater part of most days…)

  4. Sounds a lot like “perfect” to me. As a mom with ADHD, I felt defeated and overwhelmed just reading this.

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