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Famous People with ADHD

"If you're a young person being called weird or different, I'm here to tell you that your critics do not count. Their words will fade. You will not." Why we love Justin Timberlake, Simone Biles, Emma Watson, Channing Tatum, Trevor Noah, and these other inspiring celebrities and famous people with ADHD.

4 Comments: Famous People with ADHD

  1. To hoofbeatt et al,

    I am retired and in my pregeezer yers. I was only recently diagnosed with this ADD $#1+. ADD has always been an embarrassment and a handicap for me both in my professional and social lives. I’ve had a successful career as an engineer IN SPITE OF, NOT BECAUSE OF this ****ing brain defect.

    To all of youse people in our live audience out there: do NOT reveal this secret unless you want to put your career at risk and/or have your jealous peers weaponize it and trash your name all over creation. Don’t forget: most of these luminaries who outed themselves are millionaires. But how about YOU? Do you have a house payment due? Kids in college? Uh-huh. A car payment?

    If you need help, get help and read ADDitude for its sympathetic counsel but don’t let your own mouth be your own worst enemy.

  2. So, this means that a person can do anything with a dedication, no disease can stop him/her from achieving a goal.

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