ADHD Symptoms in Adults
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"Suddenly, a Lifetime of Struggles Made Sense"

Lazy. Slow. Disorganized. Selfish. Too many adults spend their lives feeling defective, when really undiagnosed ADHD is to blame. Overlapping symptoms, persistent myths, and stigmas all make diagnosis difficult — here is what you need to know about ADD in adults.

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  1. FYI it’s “regimen,” not “regime.” (You want the right medication regimen. A regime is like when a dictator takes control!) Look up the words. ☺

  2. FOR ALL PARENTS , WHETHER ITS SUSPECTED OR NOT , PLEASE CONSIDER GETTING YOUR CHILD EXAMINED FOR ADD/ADHD. Maybe it does not need to be a requirement for all but heavily advised especially for children/minors!

  3. Also, the print option only prints up to the current slide; and it doesn’t paginate properly: header-only page 1, then pages run “into the page gap.)

    1. ADDitude responded to a comment from me about the slideshow format. I was told that if I went to print, a preview of the whole article would appear and I could copy and paste it. However, it did not do that – it just went directly to print. Not happy. Apparently the slideshow format works for some, but not for many. Why not be able to click to an “article only” view? Suzanne

    2. Hello: Thank you for alerting us to this problem. We will email you to get more details about the browser and device you are using, as the problem appears to be limited. We can also send you a PDF of the full article via email.

      1. How would you all know if it’s limited. Few people make comments, comparatively. I’m trying to hyper-focus so I can finish this reply. [ENTER: novelty phase] Sometimes I want to make up new words, to try to make it quicker to type this out. I considered replacing “trying to hyper-focus” (which started out as “having trouble”, but …) forget it. I’m done. Dang It!

  4. The slideshow format–I know it’s intended to help the ADD reader, but I would prefer to be able to see that whole article (alternative format).

    1. OmG. I read the first para “here is what you have to know” and then I scrolled down looking for the article to resume but by the time I got to the comments I’d forgotten what I was reading. Read your comment and was like..”what slideshow presentation?” and scrolled up to see what you were on about.

      I wonder how many articles I haven’t read because the presence of a box automatically registers as “paid for content” that I skip over. hahaha

      The struggle is real.

    2. Agreed. Slides annoy me. It would be good if there was an option to view as one page, ditching the extra pictures and just having the information. Still have the default as slides but give the other as an option.

    3. I agree with ctina2v. The slideshow format drives me nuts. Too many clicks and distractions. I hardly ever finish one of the articles formatted this way.

    4. Had it been the straight article without being broken up, I wouldn’t have been able to finish it. As it is, I still had to reread several paragraphs multiple times because of my mind going elsewhere. Lots of triggers.

      Thanks, ADDitude for breaking it up. 👏

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