ADHD in College
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13 Survival Tips from College Graduates with ADHD

College is not a time to wait and see what happens. It is a time to plan, prepare, and anticipate every conceivable ADHD-related challenge. Begin by following these guidelines for teens leaving the house and living independently for the first time. They could save you a lot of anguish — and money.

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  1. The main issue I had at university (college) was time management.
    My solution was to write a timetable for EVERY hour of EVERY day. Much like item 6 above.

    I started with the lectures and tutorials, then added time for regular assignments.
    Then meals, and all the household stuff.
    I had a new page for each week. Just copied 15 weeks of pages. That way I could pencil in the different assignments and random activities.

    A page for the semester that shows the deadlines for every assignment is a must.
    Who wants to turn to a new week and find that there is a report due tomorrow!

    By timetabling each day for 7 am to 11:30 pm, there was plenty of room to move things around if there was a problem, or a random event.

    I also noted the due dates of library books, to avoid fines.

    … and that was a long time before I was diagnosed.

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