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How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works

CBT is a unique therapy that targets the dysfunctional thoughts and feelings that are preventing you from managing time, completing projects, and scheduling your life productively with ADHD.

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  1. True about the planner. There is one point though where I HAVE to do things differently than suggested here. I do have a different planner at work than at home. I guarantee I would lose it, leave it in the car, or forget to bring it home/to work and not have it on hand when I need it if I was carting it around. Nope, the primary planner stays home and never goes anywhere. I take pictures of lists in it with my phone or send myself emails back and forth to keep things in sync and remember what I need to when I’m out and about, and critical appointments are also added to my phone with a reminder alarm. This has worked well, and since I have different organizational needs at work than at home anyway, its better for me having a different planner there. Beware carting around something this important if you lean toward ADD! Side note: I created my own planner using the principles of Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal system, and it is the first one I have stuck with. Pre-printed planners have never worked for me. Check into bullet journaling if you have always struggled with traditional planners. Just don’t get carried away. Some of the bullet journalers out there go way over the top in terms of decorating them!

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