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The Sad Truth About Tantrum Triggers

Your child's outbursts are not random. Her tantrums often follow on the heels of a mistake that triggers feelings of failure or frustration. These emotional-control strategies can help.

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  1. These are great ideas — I particularly like the 5-point scale. I will be trying that with my child. One other thing I find that works with my son when he’s headed towards losing emotional control is encouraging him to play. It might be tossing a ball up in the air, or shooting baskets, or any number of other things. Play really seems to help us manage his behaviors.

    Dr. Kirsten Milliken has a book, Playdhd, that has a ton of great play suggestions. And I really like the way she explains how play can help the ADHD brain. She has a Facebook page, and is doing a series of interviews on Facebook Live with people affected by ADHD, worth checking out.

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