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12 Schoolwork Shortcuts for Kids Who Hate Homework

Finishing homework faster doesn't mean rushing or hovering over your child until he melts down. It means following these 12 ADHD-friendly strategies for creating calm, avoiding burnout, and staying organized.

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  1. Ha. Kids with high levels ADD kids hate homework. Good luck getting them to use a timer, or a planner for the matter, or most anything else here for that matter without an adult running down their back forcing them to – what a joke. However ADD kids do have an innate ability to focus on things they like and ARE interested in. Like music. video games. sports. friends. Perhaps it should be renamed Self Interest Attention Disorder?

  2. Great suggestions. I agree with all. My 13 year old son (7th grade) has always struggled with homework. Luckily, his school provides afterschool homework help for a couple of hours so usually he comes home without having any left. But 6th and most of 7th grade were very difficult and the teachers and his dad and I tried desperately to support him. Finally, a new doctor prescribed 5mg of Adderall for 3pm (his classes end at 2:50). His morning Adderall is slow release and his afternoon pill lasts only 6 hours. I didn’t like the idea at first but we needed to try something because his self esteem is so low when he finds school difficult. It’s now been nearly 8 weeks and he is doing really well. Such a huge difference. We set alarms on his phone and his school Ipad to remind him to take his 3pm pill then he goes to Homework help. I recommend that you trust yourself as a parent/guardian and your child AND talk to the teachers, doctors and therapists and make decisions that are best for YOUR child and YOUR family. Remember, that medicine doesn’t have to be a permanent solution. But it can always be tried. If your child were diabetic you wouldn’t deny him insulin. Allow your child to live their fullest life – it Might be with medication. It’s not the only solution – there are many lifestyles changes we must deal with as an AdD family! I know – I have it and my two sons do! Most importantly…support and love each other!

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