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Exaggerated Emotions: How and Why ADHD Triggers Intense Feelings

"Challenges with processing emotions start in the brain itself. Sometimes the working memory impairments of ADHD allow a momentary emotion to become too strong, flooding the brain with one intense emotion." Thomas Brown, Ph.D., explains why (and how) ADHD sparks such intense anger, frustration, and hurt.

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  1. On a more positive note: I am a 5oyear-old female with ADHD but never knew or understood so many of the symptoms and mechanisms behind what I thought were bad personality traits because I was told so often by my mother that they were, but I feel such vindication and validation today after discovering this website just one Day ago. Thank you so much from the bottom of my soul or the time taken in the research that was done to help me understand myself

  2. I agree, laughing At the fact that I just spent eight hours reading copying pasting trying to organize all of these different article. I said to a friend either this website was definitely created by someone with ADHD we’re definitely not created by someone with ADHD

  3. For as long as I can remember, getting angry was an incredibly overwhelming experience that felt horrible. My mind would circle the thing I was mad about so much it would end up making me physically sick. I’ve avoided anger as much as possible because feeling it is so aweful. One of the strangest and most wonderful things that happened to me once I started medication for my ADHD was anger becoming less overwhelming. I can still get angry, it’s just more like what it seems like most people feel when they are angry rather than this hulk demon it used to be haha! It was a nice surprise.


    1. I too have many book marked pages. But am thankful I have them to be able o go to when I can. I have been treated for depression, mood disorders, hormonal problems for over 35 years. Since my son, who is now 15, has had many issues and been thru neurofeedback as well, to find his problems. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and put on meds about 10 yrs ago. What a God sent blessing. I am learning so much more. This RAGE we both instantly get consumed by, is adhd, NOT hormones… although all natural bioidentical progesterone imbalance, can help, but i cant afford $100 a month for both of us…. BUT… i would love to know what medications help with the RAGE outbursts???? They are scary and I hate the constant rage within me. I never used to have it. SO after reading about the RSD and rage i am happy to know alot of it is learned and can be undone. But how do I control it?Stop it? change it? Thank you

  4. I imagine this article format /might/ be helpful for some who struggle with a wall of text, but I’m finding it near-impossible to focus on. I can’t highlight the words, which is usually how I read paragraphs without getting lost (so my eyes are jumping all over each slide). The slideshow isn’t keyboard responsive, which is painful as moving backward and forward means moving the mouse/trackpad. And, to be honest, I had to double check which website I was on for a second there as the slideshow format is common to clickbait sites trying to sell a product. I really like this website and have learned so much about myself from it, it’d be nice to have the choice between the slideshow mode (assuming it helps others) and text mode.

  5. As a parent of a ADHD child I have seen the outburst. He gets annoyed and angry so quickly. He fights with his 16yr old sister and only realise afterwards what he has done, then he will get emotional and feel guilty.. Its been very hard these past weeks for me..

  6. Can you stop putting things like this in a 15 page slideshow? This is a site for people with ADD, we both know I’m never going to get past slide 3. I really want to read the whole thing all at once. Please give me that option.

    1. Personally. I think if you can only read a couple. Then this information seems not to intrigue you at this moment… when we’re interested. We’re intrested. Simple as that, it covers many different aspects. And don’t forget if you can relate to it, use it to explain to the ones that are close but don’t have adhd/add. It’s very useful in that manner I personally think….. it explains a lot about what you can relate to? Then use it. To explain what it’s like. Rather tham moan, it’s very well written, it’s information about adhd. Not written to tell people with adhd what adhd is like….. 👌. Hyperfocus comes in handy when reading these sort of things….. just saying 😏

    2. Amen !! I just formally joined this website today, even though I swear I’ve been on it before… 🤔 but dang it! All I’m able to do is bookmark or “save” the shizzzz out of every interesting article and I know DEEP down that I’m probably never going to To go back and find time to allocate adhd articles that remind me I’m not normal but I should read but dang it the format is so confusing and overly stimulating with a crapload of pharma ads. I can’t tell if joining this site is a blessing or a curse ! It’s like going into Dave and busters with adhd and processing disorder… seems like a great idea at first. Until it’s not, then you’re left feeling moody AF and have to bail and can’t even tell the people around you why you’re so grumpy “sorry I’m an _____, I was just wasting 4 hours of my day on an adhd self help site that seemed promising but ultimately left me feeling like a pathetic loser who’s lost half her day and can’t regain any of it, has nothing to show for but 5,000 bookmarks and oh Ps I got so hyper focused that I forgot to eat lunch so thanks for making this homemade meal for me- thoughtful, but I gotta go grab a bunch of granola bars, random kid snacks and eat like a college dorm kid whilst hibernating from you and the family because I’m too reactive to be kind to you or appreciate your gestures when I’m not in touch with my own adhd. Oh wait. That wasn’t what this post was about. Fml. Sorry. But yes I agree with it all.

    3. OMG yes please! It seems like a cruel joke to have a person with ADD have to read the article in that format!

    4. I hate them too. Depending on your OS, browser, etc you may be able to use the print function to save the article as a pdf. This eliminates the need to go slide by slide. Only drawback is you lose the pictures. Honestly, I don’t consider that much of a problem because they don’t usually add anything to the article.

    5. I thought the same thing. I like the articles but they are often too drawn out for those of us with focus issues…

  7. 15 years ago or more I actually made a bookmark for LFT It was a metacrawler search for what caused it Nothing in the results mentioned ADHD and todayI think you have to go back seceral pages in a google search to find it. I nedded to know because my tolerance level was decreasing and my emotional trigger was becoming almost anyrhing frustrating. That is never good in business and the lack of a cause led me to sell my business and retire at age 60 12 years ago. As ayounpgster I was coached by my parents and 11 older siblings to control it but as a tee

    1. I’d sure appreciate any of your learned tools to deal with anger and frustration. I, too have difficulty with those. Particularly later in the day. I’ve learned it’s best for me to have alone time after 6:00 for the sake of those whom I love. I also have had multiple sclerosis for 34 years (I’m 62) which can make emotional outbursts more frequent.

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