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Hoarding Symptom Test for Adults

Most of us are somewhat messy, but hoarding is a serious condition linked to ADHD, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive behavior that affects approximately 2 to 5 percent of the population. Take this self-test to understand hoarding symptoms in adults and where you fall on the messiness to hoarding spectrum.

1 Comment: Hoarding Symptom Test for Adults

  1. While interesting food for thought, there is a significant error in at least one question and/or answer.

    For the question asking about finding a permanent place for a new object, the question or the answers need to be reversed. As currently written, “Never” is the answer of someone who MAY have an issue with hoarding, but I’m the scoring, “Never” is counted as a healthy response.

    I can pick nits over some other questions, but this error should be fixed for this online screening quiz to be more helpful. The fix for this question should be relatively simple.

    Please make this change.

    Thank you.

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