How to Focus
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I'm Sorry — What Were You Saying?

You tune out sometimes, even when talking to your best friend and too often when your boss is watching. Learn why your ADHD brain wanders so easily, and what you can do to keep it focused on the conversation at hand.

2 Comments: I'm Sorry — What Were You Saying?

  1. I put this as a permanent goto reminder whenever I need to reassess the quality of my awareness during any live conversation. Thanks Dr. Weiss.

  2. “Last, but not least: Whenever possible, avoid boring situations-and people.” Ha ha ha ADDitude, what do you think we spend our entire lives doing? Sorry, but this made me chuckle because it’s a great line for Captain Obvious. I did get something out of this, I only lightly tease. I may try strategic fidgeting. I always did want to learn to knit.

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