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"You're Not ADD (Part 4): You're Fine"

They say attention deficit is invisible in girls, and now I understand why: we work our butts off to appear normal. One woman shares what it's like to be considered "too functional to have ADHD."

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  1. I resonate with the author’s thoughts of “lost days” and still struggle sometimes. This is an issue for women and girls because we are working to regulate ourselves based on many things but one major thing is the need to be perceived as “having it together.” I was always told I was mature for my age but it came out of stifling impulses to mot say or do awkward things in social settings. If women feel like the author they should know there are resources and help to understand and treat ADD as they see fit, medication/no medication, paying attention to the drivers of their behavior, or simply talking with a therapist to resolve or find better ways to deal with underlying issues like RSD or feeling like a failure. Good to bring it to light for women who may be looking here for answers on what is causing their difficulty.

  2. Leyla77 – I think the point of the article was to raise the awareness that ADHD can look (present itself) differently in different people. In addition, we as a society need to move away from the stereotype along with the stigma that come from people who really don’t understand what it is. Also, I think this woman wrote it to show other women that if they are experiencing these things, they are not alone, and there is help out there; that they don’t have to continue struggling to just “get through” life but to show them that they can live a full life and they are not less than. However, if you didn’t get anything out of the article, that’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with that because not everyone is going to connect with everything.

  3. Not to be rude, but I didn’t really get anything out of this particular article. I guess it was probably just supposed to be this lady’s personal experience.

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