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Your ADD Life: ADHD Support Groups

ADHD support groups connect you with other ADHD adults or parents of ADHD children. Learn how to locate or start an ADHD support group, and find out how you'll benefit from joining one.

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  1. This is the first time I’ve visited this site ,I am a adult who has suffered with this condition all my life also anxiety and depression I started my own diet that has worked for me ,it is very similar to some on here , just refined I have found you need to be on the simple food diet for eight weeks before all the additives and preservatives are out of your system then try one food say chocolate for a week only chocolate and wait and see the results, I find if I eat chocolate for a week it takes four weeks to leave my system I will have depression adhd and anxiety for that period . I have found a lot of information on here very interesting but a little confusing and think if I had a child with this condition i have given up I have been experimenting on myself for the last seven years with these foods and now know how these foods affect me and also more importantly know the timeframes you need to use to make it work i have a full list of foods to avoid which is a critical part of the diet . I have found sugar does not effect me but all the food on my list not to eat contain high levels of sugar and I can see why parents would think sugar is part of the problem, I have so much more information on this if anybody is interested

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