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Yes, I'm a 'Yes' Woman

One ADHD woman confesses to serial overcommitment -- underestimating the time things will take and taking on too much.

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  1. I stunbled across the best way to say NO when I was pregnant. It was a difficult pregnancy after years of trying and I was motivated to reduce my stress. I came up with the phrase, “I am a season of no.”. Uh his turned out to be a great way to kindly say no, without a lot of explanation. If I was inclined I might invite people to ask me again next time, year, etc. Fast forward 13 years later and I have disengaged myself from things I no longer have time or desire to do and have the energy and excitement to say yes when I really want to. Before this season I always felt too busy and unable to do anything well. Because I have a famlly I do f find myself over busy at times, but I am now able to control it a bit more. Another situation is that it is hard to say no when you know they really need help. My solution is to either be in my season of no or to negotiate what I can do. I can’t do what you are asking, but I can help with a donation, something smaller, etc. The struggle is real.

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