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Worth the Wait

Carolyn O'Neal cried when she was diagnosed with ADD at age 53 — until the news turned out good for her family.

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  1. For me, being diagnosed with ADHD and cognitive learning disabilities was both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I was relieved that there was something that was holding me back and it wasn’t in my head. But on the other, I had (and at times, still have) moments of anger and frustration because no one caught on to my struggles that I was having in school. The fact that I slipped through the cracks is still something I try to understand. While reading the article, I do agree that ADHD does need to be talked about more in the Black community. Mental health has and still is the one taboo subject never discussed. ADHD has been seen as something that’s not real, a copout that justifies laziness, and an avenue made up by the pharmaceutical industry in order to get rich. Some are so staunchly religious, they feel that only answer is prayer. Over a period of time, I’ve learned that it takes more than prayer to address my ADHD and other issues. It’s about seeking out help and addressing the issues associated with it.

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