How Do I Manage Medication Side Effects?
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"My Worst ADHD Medication Side Effect"

Medication can help ease symptoms — but it may cause other problems. We asked ADDitude readers to share their stories and solutions.

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  1. I can’t take amphetamines, or even caffiene, because they raise my blood pressure. I have Strattera (atomoxetine) which does not have that effect, but is very expensive, even since it became generic and even with insurance.
    For about 1 month, it cost me $24 per month, but then the insurance companies convinced Medicare to place it on another “tier,” (meaning you don’t really need it, because cheaper stuff works as well) and suddenly it was expensive even as a generic. I now take it PRN, when I think the need will be greater, but not routinely or daily.

  2. Hi, Does anyone have info on meds and heart issues, such as a heart murmur? I am also looking for reliable information on Brillia, which is a homeopathic. I may not be posting this in the right place, but didn’t see where else to post. Thanks! – K

  3. I was diagnosed when I was five and have been on and off meds along with behavioral therapy all of my life. My best tip is lots of hydration and eating a snack every 2-3 hours and then regular meals. As all of us know the key is to have a set schedule as best as possible to keep symptoms at bay and to help navigate the rest of the world. Never give up and keep trying. Find trusted people that know you well that will give you honest feed back and help you on your meds journey.

  4. I absolutely love my Strattera for numerous reasons, but I did experience an increase in cavity activity due to dry mouth. I had to learn to drink, brush, and gargle more often with a cavity-prohibiting mouthwash. I can’t stand chewing gum, but that’s another excellent option for keeping that bacteria-killing saliva flowing.
    Recently, I wanted to add a stimulant to increase my attention to detail and general sharpness. “Ritalin” (I believe I had generic) gave me horrible headaches even at a low dose, so I stopped immediately; “Adderall” (also generic) so far has been side-effect free in my first two weeks; as far as effectiveness, I’m currently logging to see how I’m doing. If it’s of any help, I’m a perimenopausal 50-year-old, diagnosed in my mid-30s. Best wishes to everyone. Never give up. Never, never, never give up. Learning how to live with this, in whatever way we choose, is worth the battle.

  5. My worst side effect was loss of appetite, however, that went away after being on Vyvanse for 3 to 4 days. I’ve been on it for a year now and it is a miracle drug for me

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