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Why Hiring Upside Down Thinkers Is a Competitive Advantage

“In my experience, people with ADHD are overwhelmingly bright and clever. The ADHD brain has been found structurally different from the neurotypical brain, which is part of the reason why it’s able to tackle problems that stump others and jump to solutions that no one else saw. These are just a few of the reasons why promoting neurodiverse hiring is a part of my personal mission as an HR consultant.”

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  1. I have ADD (NO hyperactivity!). This $#1+ is no gift! It has been a handicap and a constant source of embarrassment all my life and I cannot think of any instance where it has helped me. I have a 40 + year work history and have seen it all. It took years to build up a good reputation and a modicum of respect but it takes only one incident to destroy your public image.

    From what I’ve observed admitting to having ADD/ADHD in the workplace is a terribly bad idea. First of all, the HR manager will take that label, go scurrying to the internet and will find that the ‘H’ stands for Hyperactivity. He will automatically assume the worst, that you constantly fidget and squirm; that you are impulsive and have a high tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time; that you’re possibly an alcoholic or a drug user. Giving yourself the label ADD or ADHD will sign the death warrant on your career.

    Nothing good can come from making such a shocking true confession. The neighbor/classmate/coworker bullies will weaponize this information and try to destroy your self esteem. Open minded and sympathetic people will feel sorry for you but will not stick their necks out to defend you. Your HR manager will add your name to his secret list of layoff candidates.

    Reread the essay above. Look at all of the quirks that ADD or ADHD people have. There are too many negatives and too much risk from the viewpoint of the hiring company. You are not legally required to bare your soul to employers about personal health issues whether you have gonorrhea or some of the wonderful forms of mental illness.

    I had an HR director tell me that he can fire or refuse to hire anyone he wants and make it all sound legit. It’s OK to declare that you are a MENSA member but don’t be reckless and don’t be stupid and reveal that ADD or ADHD is the driving force behind it.

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