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The Best Work Schedule for ADHD Brains: Flexible or Rigid?

What’s the best work schedule for ADHD brains? It depends. Flexible schedules may encourage creativity and harness the power of hyperfocus without falling victim to arbitrary deadlines. Structured routines work better for those who struggle with time management and procrastination. Hear both sides here.

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  1. The only way I was able to finish high school, then compete my university degrees was to have a strict timetable with
    EVERY HOUR of every day for the week.
    The first time I did this was in Fourth Form (also called year 10 which for me was the year I turned 16 years old.
    I was able to go to all my classes at school, and still had 40 hours at home every week for homework, assignments, and revision.
    My timetable included a few favourite TV shows, travel times, and meals. I took Friday evening off.

    The same type of timetable worked for university, both full-time living on campus, and part-time study while working.
    Actually part-time study simply HAD to be carefully managed.
    When living on campus there were the occasional events that disrupted the timetable. But, I could always re-arrange my times to keep going.
    My uni never had classes on a Friday evening, and the library closed as well. So again, Friday evenings were free time.

    Before being diagnosed with ADD, I had coping tricks such as taking a handful of books to the library and studying there — no distractions.

  2. Something that really worked for me was when we switched our project cadence at work to 2 week long sprints. We break projects down into smaller tasks and only assign ourselves what we know we can get done in a two week time period. We check in as a team regularly. This allows us to focus on ac smaller number of tasks that we can actually finish. Actually completing tasks builds momentum and we get more done.

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